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Comment Information Guidelines

All comments should be obviously relevant to the article they are responding to. Clearly irrelevant comments will be deleted.

Linking Guidelines

If you wish to leave a link attached to your comment, it must be relevant to the blog post you are commenting on. Irrelevant links will result in the entire comment being deleted.

Examples of Irrelevant Links

  • stores
  • search engines
  • overt advertisements for goods or services

IPs promoting spam links marketing third party sites will be blacklisted. If I wanted to put third party ads on my site, I would.

Blog Links

I do not have a problem helping other equestrian bloggers break into the market. However, I have a few rules that need to be followed if you want to leave a link in my comments section.

1 Don’t put the link in the body of the comment. Please put the link to your blog in the form field specifically marked “website.”

2 Make sure the link is relevant. Leave a link to a relevant blog post of your own. Don’t just link your home page.

Failure to follow these guidelines will not result in blacklisting or deletion of the comment. I will, however, follow up with a kindly worded email reminding you of this policy and may even edit the link to a more relevant article on your blog. However, routine infractions will eventually result in deletion of comments.

Moderation for Comments Containing Links

All comments containing links will be held for moderation meaning they will not show up immediately. Please be patient. Your comment will make it through the moderation queue within a few days.

Copyright and Plagiarism

This is a huge pet peeve. I have no time for plagiarists. If I catch you plagiarizing in your comments or linking to plagiarized content your comments will be deleted and you will be blacklisted.

Liability Disclaimer

You are liable for anything you include in your comments. This includes links. See my Liability Disclaimer for more details.

Email Privacy

Your email is stored in case I need to contact you regarding moderation of any comments. See my Privacy Policy for more on the storage and use of personal data.

Language Guidelines

I must request that all comments be left in English. While I understand that this blog may have an international audience, for the sake of comment moderation, I need all comments to be English.


Absolutely no profanity or foul language will be tolerated.

Offending comment(s) will be deleted and a warning will be issued. A second infraction will result in the blacklisting of the offender’s IP.

Please remember that this is a family friendly site. While the blog is not targeted towards minors, some visitors may be under age. Please review my Terms of Service for more details.

Spam Comments

Off topic spam comments will be deleted.

All Rights Reserved

I reserve all rights towards moderation and deletion of comments and user generated content. Should your comment be flagged, edited, or your IP blacklisted you will be notified via email.

Appeal Process

You are allowed to appeal moderation decisions by responding to the initial notification email. However, once I have made my decision on your appeal, that decision will be final.