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Latest Articles

Leg Yield: The Basis of All Lateral Movement

The leg yield is perhaps the single most important maneuver you will ever teach your horse. The leg yield forms the basis for every other lateral movement from the sidepass to the spin. It is where your horse first learns to get off you leg and yield to pressure. The…

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Conformation Decline in the American Quarter Horse

.The American Quarter Horse is an icon in western disciplines. While opinions on ideal conformation may differ widely from discipline to discipline, the older conformation ideals are starting to come back into favor among those who grow tired of the fragility of some modern quarter horses. However, there are still…

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4 Great Rider Fitness Exercises

Last week we discussed conditioning your horse after a layoff. But, just as important as getting your horse back in riding condition is rider fitness. No matter what level of exercise you maintained during the layoff, there are still going to be riding muscles that need to be brought back…

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