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How do I ride inside leg to outside rein?

Riding inside leg to outside rein is one of the foundation exercises of classical dressage. Really, it should be the foundation for any discipline. It is a vital component that is a prerequisite for everything else you will learn in dressage. So, what is this inside leg to outside rein…

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What is pressure and release training?

You’ve probably heard about pressure and release training at some point. It’s become all the rage with this “natural horsemanship” movement. However, this is a very misunderstood method of training. The common understanding of pressure and release training puts the emphasis on applying pressure and rewarding with a release. In…

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5 Common Horse Myths Busted

Here are a few common horse myths that you’ve probably heard before and might believe, all of which are untrue. Horse Myth 1: All horses need grain or some type of concentrate This right here is laminitis waiting to happen. Not all horses need concentrates. If your horse is holding…

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