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Desensitizing: Shutting Down vs Calming Down

With all this “natural horsemanship” that has been a growing trend, people just love to desensitize their horses to death. They think that because their horse can stand there quietly while they crack a whip in front of his face it means he’s perfectly calm and “bomb proof.” Hate to…

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6 Horse Care Essentials Every Horse Owner Needs

Every horse has different needs, but there are a few horse care essentials that every horse owner should have on hand. Whether you are a trail rider or avid competitor, your horse deserves to have the best care possible, and these six items will help you make sure he gets…

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Creating Relaxation Stage 3: Lunging with Side Reins

Lunging with side reins is the next step of the process for creating relaxation. Lunging is a commonly misunderstood exercise. It is often viewed as a way to run the energy out of the horse. However, this is extremely counterproductive. The more you lunge the horse, the fitter the horse…

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