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A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Impulsion

The concept of impulsion was briefly touched upon in my article on the Classical Training Pyramid. However, this vital building block of collection deserves a more in depth discussion. If you recall the classical training pyramid, impulsion — or schwung as it is referred to in the German classical tradition…

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How to Build Up Your Horse’s Topline

A strong topline is vital to any horse’s training. A strong topline helps ensure correct saddle fit, long term soundness, and overall ability to perform demanding physical tasks. Some people seem to think that building a strong topline requires all kinds of gadgets and complicated training programs. In reality, it…

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8 Types of Horse Owners

1. The Fashionista Most of us can fall in this category at some point or another. This is the type of equestrian who has the matchy-matchy bug. Blue polos and yellow saddle pad? Never! Green saddle pad and purple turnout blanket? Absolutely not! Never mind the fact that they will…

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