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What does a horse’s frog do?

When it comes to long term soundness, the hoof is the most important part of the horse. Therefore, taking care of your horse’s hooves is your first priority. There are many different components that go into maintaining healthy hooves. However, the most important part of your horse’s hoof is the…

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The Physiological Benefits of a Strong Topline

Many people will tell you that building up your horse’s topline is important for proper movement and collection. This is true. However, not all of them know the physiological benefits of a strong topline. The Physiological Necessity of Lifting the Spine In the Anatomy of Collection article, we discussed the…

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How do I pick up my horse’s shoulder?

Do you have problems with picking up leads? Dropping leads? Lopsided circles? A horse that is heavy on the forehand? Do you know what all these problems have in common? A lack of shoulder control. Picking up your horse’s shoulder is a vital piece of gaining full body control. Without…

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