Horse Blankets 101: Blanket Measurements

where to measure for blanket

So, you now know what type of blanket you want. But when you get to the tack shop, it’s not just as simple as picking out a stable blanket or a cooler. When you look at the specs for each blanket you will see them categorized by size similar to what you might find with human clothing. It is important to know how to measure your horse for a blanket.

How to measure

Please note that this is for American-made blankets which are measured in inches. For our friends abroad, please look up what unit of measurement manufacturers in your country use for measuring blankets and adjust accordingly.

It is best to use a cloth tape measure as it is more flexible than a standard tape measure, allowing you to be more accurate. It is also important to have someone help you hold the tape measure in place as it is impossible for one person to reach from one end of the horse to the other and still measure accurately – unless you’re are measuring a mini, then by all means, feel free to do it by yourself.

1. Place the end of the tape measure in the center of your horse’s chest.

2. Have your assistant hold the end of the tape measure in place while you run the tape measure along the horse’s side and around the back to the center of the horse’s tail.

3. It is important that you run the tape measure over the point of the should and the point of the butt as demonstrated by the red line below. This measurement in inches is the size of blanket you need.

where to measure for blanket

What if I can’t find the right size?

When you get to the tack shop or log on to the online store, you may not be able to find a blanket for your horse’s exact measurements. In this case, it is best to round up. For example, a common blanket size in America is a 72. All three horses in the photo below are wearing size 72 blankets however none of them measure 72 inches. They range from size 69 to size 71. 72 was just the easiest and cheapest to find and they all fit nicely. The necks are a little long for the smaller two mares, but they stay nice and cozy warm and don’t seem to mind at all.

horse blanket on highline

It’s not that picky. I could have gotten exact sizes for them if I would have been willing to pay triple the money for three inches less of blanket. No thank you. They can just deal with it. They stayed warm and dry on the highline and looked perfectly comfortable. As long as they’re happy, don’t worry about a few extra inches.

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