Halloween Costume Ideas to Fit Every Budget

Halloween is upon us and with it the last minute rush to figure out costumes for all those fun Halloween barn parties everyone has planned. In case you are still looking for last minute ideas, here are 5 costume ideas for you and your horse including fun, scary, heroic and cheap! Stick around to the end of the article to find out which costume could cost you as little as $12 while stealing the show!

Fun Safari Costume

giraffe photo
Photo by Alexas_Fotos

Well, the horse is the giraffe and you get the be the zoo keeper. This works best with a chestnut horse. Take some white grooming chalk and outline some giraffe spots on the horse. You can also do it on a gray, cremello, or other white-looking horse by filling in the brown spots, but that takes a lot more chalk. Get yourself a safari hat, some khaki pants and a short sleeve, khaki button-up and presto! A cool, kid friendly Halloween costume!

Shopping list

Heroic Costumes

superman photo
Photo by MissParasol 

What would Halloween be without including some of our favorite heroes. To be fair we’ll include one from Marvel and one from DC.

Superman is perhaps the most iconic of them all (sorry Marvel, we’ll get to you in a second). Deck your horse out in the colors of everyone’s favorite Kryptonian with a blue lycra hood, stick a red cape on behind the saddle and iron that iconic S on the chest of the hood and you’ve got one heroic horse. Throw on your own superman outfit and you are ready to zoom into action! Just stay away from that kryptonite.

Superman Shopping List

avengers photo
Photo by stannate

Don’t worry Marvel, I haven’t forgotten you. Another blue and red man of action. This one requires a full blue lycra sheet and some red polo wraps. Put on your own Captain America costume and pick up your shield and you look ready to kick some Chitauri behind.

Captain America Shopping List

There are so many possibilities here. A few color changes and accessories could easily adapt these costumes for any DC or Marvel hero (or villian).

Scary Grim Reaper Costume

grim reaper photo
Photo by OpenClipart-Vectors

If you’re looking for more creepy than cute, the grim reaper is always a good option. Grab a flowing black robe and a scythe (make sure it’s fake please, not playing around with a real one) and hope on you trusty steed of death. Before you ride off to deliver Halloween terror, use some white grooming chalk to sketch a skeleton on your horse (or black grooming chalk if your horse’s coat is too light). A grim reaper on a skeleton horse will surely be a terrifying sight!

Shopping List

Cute (and Cheap!) Unicorn Costume

unicorn photo
Photo by Mysticsartdesign

Ah, the unicorn, a classic that will never grow for many young, horse obsessed girls. Your horse can strike a dashing pose while decked out as a unicorn. The cheapest way to acquire a unicorn horn is to buy a kids unicorn headband and commandeer the horn off of that. It will require a little creativity to get it to stay in place, but it’s far more economical that shelling out the money for a custom one off of etsy (which you can totally do, but only if you have an arm and three legs to spare and a time machine to go back and place your order three months ago). Slap on a pair of fairy wings (on the rider, not the horse) and abracadabra! Costume success! To add a little finishing flare you can use some colorful grooming chalk to paint some pretty designs on the horse. You can’t go wrong with a unicorn, especially one that can be had for as little as $12!

Shopping List

Using one of these costumes for Halloween (or any other occasion)?

We would love to see photos of how they turned out! Comment and share below!


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